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Relationship Positions for Pregnancy

It is one of the most used pregnancy positions. In this position, the woman stands on her shoulders with her knees. It is a method that more overweight women should use. This method provides accumulation of sperm coming from the male in the cervix and thus increases the possibility of becoming pregnant.
The uterus must be completely rearward in this united backward way. The woman is in a kneeling position. In this union, the sperm coming from the male reaches the uterine canal in full. It's a very high chance of being pregnant.
It is the most commonly used and most used position. The male is face to face with the woman. Women like this position. Couples usually start with this position of sexual intercourse. In order to delay male orgasm, it is possible to try positions during the relationship, but when the last orgasm happens, both sides are very happy to return to this position and end the relationship. The other name is the missionary position.

The most commonly used pregnancy positions. The missionary is called the pregnancy position. This position is a more favorable position for couples. Couples become more fit. Couples relax and relax.

Missionary position pairs provide relaxation, especially by loosening the woman. It facilitates the union, the sperms being thrown up to the uterine channel, which greatly increases the likelihood of conception. The lower abdomen of your heart adds a distinct dimension and pleasure to the relationship.

The missionary position also allows couples to cheer and kiss each other. Through this deep merger, women are highly likely to become pregnant. It can be a bit uncomfortable for the ladies who enjoy frequent position changes and freedom of movement.

This position is very similar to the missionary position, the only difference is that the female is male underneath. Couples face to face. The woman is on a man's nose position.

The above position continues to show that this relationship is self-contained and in control, allowing the woman to retain the severity and duration of the sexual relationship. The position of this position may vary from position to position, starting with kneeling.

For example, in this position, the position above can continue as sexual continuity by holding each other without separating the couples. According to many experts, this position is a very pleasurable position for the couple.

It is the most commonly used pregnancy positions in this position. Since the woman is free from the weight of her man, she can reach the depth of sexual intercourse by making pelvic smacks. In this case, the male partner can make his orgasm delayed. It is a very enjoyable position for couples.

In this position, both male and female are in a sexual relationship. This makes sexual intercourse between couples satisfying on both sides. As seen in the position, the sperm coming from the man reaches the mouth of the cervix without any difficulty because it is fully integrated. But the sperm can not hold because the position is not long.

This position, called the spoon position, may be more appropriate for people with excess weight or back pain. You can do this face-to-face as well as in the "spoon" position. In the spoon position, the male reaches the vagina behind the woman. This position allows the sperm to accumulate near the cervix. These are among the very high chances of getting pregnant.

It is possible to become pregnant by using the missionary position and various variations of this position. Because it is very comfortable and allows for good body contact. Spouses can face, kiss and grasp each other during the relationship.

 The woman is partly free when she moves, but she can adjust her weight by using her hands and knees to determine how much she should give her body. The best position for fertilization to take place is because when the woman lies on her back her vagina moves down to the uterus, making it easier to reach the uterus through the sperm cervix. The missionary position also allows the penis to reach deeper into the vagina, so the sperm enters the uterus directly after emptying. The best condition for getting pregnant is that the sperm sent by the male stay in the vagina for as long as possible. This increases the likelihood of becoming pregnant. There are some practices that women need to make in order for pregnancy to take place.

 For example; Couples who perform sexual intercourse with the missionary position will place a pillow under the belly of the woman after the intercourse and waiting for about 1 hour will allow the sperm to be held for longer in the cervix, thus increasing the possibility of becoming pregnant. On the other hand, knee elbow position is the most suitable position for couples wanting a baby. After this combination, the woman should wait for about an hour by putting a pillow under her belly to be very thick. In this position, the sperm will be held in the cervix for a longer time as it is in the missionary position. This increases the likelihood of conception.

 Standing, sitting, and in positions where the woman is on top, the sperms will move downwards, acting in accordance with gravity. Therefore, they are not suitable positions for conception. From these positions you can start to work to become pregnant by choosing the most appropriate one for you.

 To increase their chances of getting pregnant, they are to be done in and after sexual intercourse. The male penis should be kept in its deepest position during sexual intercourse so that the amount of semen that comes out when the penis goes out will be small. In this case, the possibility of conception will be increased because the amount of sperm left in the body is too much. After sexual intercourse, the pressure of the vagina with the woman's hands compresses the sperm out of the mouth, causing more sperm in the inside and the possibility of becoming pregnant will increase.

Sexual Relationship Positions

In this post we will share positions that will make you more happy in the relationship or make it easier for you to have difficulties due to some problems.
The most usual position is the position on top of man, face to face with woman. (Usually called "missionary" or "marriage" position.) Most women prefer this position.

Missionary poses are more convenient for replicating other positions. The union may be less profound, longer, emotional, or profound, short and hard. A couple can start to unite in this position; Delaying the orgasms of the male can continue to merge, and then the association for the orgasm can be ended by returning to the missionary position.


Missionary Position Based

This position loosens the woman, facilitates the union and helps the man lower the pel-vis. At the same time, it is also suitable for kissing and kissing. However, deeper unification disturbs some women who enjoy more freedom of movement. If the male is too aggressive or has a premature ejaculation problem or the female is in advanced pregnancy, this position is not appropriate.

Women's Positions Above
In the position opposite to the missionary position, the couple is like a bison on the face and on the female man. This allows him to control the severity and duration of sexual intercourse. It can start as a knee and change position. For example, the theme can stretch without losing. Some sexologists argue that this position is the most delightful position for both sexes.

In this position, as the woman is freed from the weight of her man, she can make pelvic bones and hear the depth of the union. The man is freely caring and can delay orgasm. This position is especially suitable for couples where the woman is short and the man is long. However, an opposite move may be painful when the woman is sitting, passive role may not appeal to you. This position is not very suitable for conception.

Positions of Spouses

The superiority of this position is that spouses should not have to bear the weight of each other, and that their arms can be freed and wrapped around one another. In addition, some couples find this position unfavorable, suggesting that they have not given enough warning.

Standing Positions
Standing positions are usually applied in haste, under confidential and disturbing conditions. However, even in the best conditions, if the spouses are different, the situation becomes more difficult. Some positions require the man to remove his partner from the ground; It lifts the height problem, but it can cause the fatigue of man.

A shorter episode, for example, can stand on top of a thick book.

Rear Adjuster Positions

Most people argue that joining backwards is contrary to nature. However, almost all mammals only apply this way. This provides a satisfactory degree of fusion and a pleasing outcome on the clitoris.

There are different positions to stretch, kneel, sit and stand. At least some of them satisfy the couple of every age. Even some positions are particularly suited to those who are in physical conditions where most of the other forms of union are impossible.

Positions Responsive to Private Tender
The desire to taste new emotions pushes people to try hundreds of possible positions for sexual union. Some of the less used positions have some physical and psychological problems beyond innovation
Analyze For a pregnant woman, fat spouses may have the best pain, back pain, short penis, and the wife may have the best, untested, or even untested position for those who are "long" or short. Can help an impotent man to come up from the top of the problem, or even a seemingly sterile couple to have children;

Positions appropriate for virgins
1. For the first time, most of those involved have chosen the «missionary» position. For virgin women and men, position and shape are not important. The approach must be slow and thoughtful. Preliminary preparation provides the vagina's lubrication, and especially if the «petting» experience in the past has widened or torn the woman's hymen, the woman's discomfort diminishes.

Suitable Positions for Pregnancy
2. The woman stands on her shoulders with her knees. This helps to fit in overweight women and accumulate sperm near the cervix.
3. The knee-backed connection allows the sperm to reach the uterine canal if the uterus is retroverted (rearward).

For Problematic Contacts
4. The woman is standing on her man. This position allows the woman's vagina to reach the full junction.
5. Side-by-side, face-to-face position, illness, tired people and tame help each other in a very different way.
6. This side-by-side rearward position is recommended for men with poor erection problems.
7. This position, where the woman is on top, is recommended as a treatment for male impotence and premature ejaculation. It is also used as a starting position in the treatment of women without orgasm.
8. This side-by-side position makes it easier for the woman to move her involuntary hips and helps her to reach orgasm (7). The position is recommended as a continuation.

Positions Before Pregnancy
Due to spontaneous abortions in the past, it is recommended during pregnancy if the doctor does not forbid the relationship in the first trimester. The pair can be found in normal relationship. With the progress of your pregnancy and the growth of your abdomen, classical relationships start to become difficult or impossible. For a woman in the advanced gestation period, positions that avoid direct pressure on the abdomen, or at least allow the depth of the conjoint to be checked, are necessary.

9. The spouses kneel down on the mattress in a rearward mating position and the male avoids pushing too much of the paddle.
10. The woman is clearly lying, carrying her legs and body. The absence of pressure on the abdomen makes this position fit the last period of your pregnancy.

11. The pair lies sideways to join in the rearward path. There is no pressure on her here either.
12. The two are wrapped together on a chair. Woman sit on your man. So it can control the depth of integration.

For back pain sufferers
Those who suffer back pain can be very uncomfortable in their usual positions. However, they are often able to take advantage of less commonly used methods, or at least they can bear them. A compassionate wife will try to find these positions. Here are four positions suitable for the majority of people suffering back pain:

13. The male lies on the bed, the female is sitting like a horse athlete, lean forward. (Herb painted back pain.)
14. The male stands on the back to unite, the woman kneels down on the bed. (Erkteir with back pain.)

15. A woman lies on a bed, and a man lifts itself forward from her legs. (The woman with the pain.)
16. Sit face down on a chair so that you can make pelvic impacts on your female man. (The man with the pain.)

Sexual Merger Options
Penis, love can be made without entering the vagina. Many couples enjoy mutual pleasure from the other sexual activities described here. These can be applied during the love, before or after the union, or before the unification. There is also the advantage of protection from conjugation when used instead of association, so couples using contraceptive methods such as Ogino-Knaus can sometimes be recommended.

Masturbation is a common sexual activity among couples. It includes stimulation of genital erotic areas by means outside of genital integration tools. Masturbation, which is often used as a stimulus, can be applied to a spouse, partner, and can last as long as orgasms. The pleasure should define the preferences of each spouse in order to bring it to the peak. For example, while a woman who masturbates to a man needs to know which speed and which pressure it feels better, man should know that most women prefer to have the pressure during the clitoris stimuli, not directly on the right side, but on the side or in the vicinity.

Relationship Positions for Pregnancy



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